How To Draw Anime Step By Step Naruto: Learn To Draw Naruto With Step-By-Step Anime Drawing Guide

Immerse yourself in the world of anime art with our comprehensive guide: How to Draw Anime Step by Step Naruto: Learn to Draw Naruto with Step-by-Step Anime Drawing Guide. Embark on an artistic journey as we unravel the secrets of capturing the iconic character, Naruto Uzumaki, with precision and ease.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your anime drawing adventure, this guide provides a structured approach to mastering the techniques of anime art. Get ready to bring Naruto to life on paper as we explore the intricacies of his facial features, body proportions, and dynamic poses.

Drawing Naruto’s Head

Naruto’s head is characterized by its round shape and spiky hair. To draw it, start by sketching a circle. Then, add two smaller circles inside the first circle to form Naruto’s eyes. Draw a curved line below the eyes to form the nose, and a small curved line below that to form the mouth.Next,

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sketch Naruto’s hair. Start by drawing two curved lines on the top of the head, and then add smaller lines around them to create the spiky effect. Finally, add some details to Naruto’s face, such as his whiskers and headband.

Naruto’s Facial Expressions

Naruto is known for his expressive face, so it’s important to be able to capture his different emotions when drawing him. To draw Naruto’s happy expression, simply draw a curved line for his mouth and add a small circle to each eye.

To draw Naruto’s angry expression, draw a straight line for his mouth and add two small lines to each eye. To draw Naruto’s sad expression, draw a curved line for his mouth and add two small circles to each eye, but make the circles smaller than you would for his happy expression.

Tips for Drawing Naruto’s Head

* Use a light touch when sketching Naruto’s head, as this will help you to create a more natural look.

  • Pay attention to the proportions of Naruto’s head. His eyes should be about halfway down the head, and his mouth should be about one-third of the way down.
  • Be patient when drawing Naruto’s hair. It may take some practice to get the spiky effect just right.

Drawing Naruto’s Body: How To Draw Anime Step By Step Naruto: Learn To Draw Naruto With Step-by-Step Anime Drawing Guide

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Now that you’ve mastered drawing Naruto’s head, let’s move on to the next step: drawing his body. This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough of drawing Naruto’s torso, arms, legs, and clothing, as well as tips for capturing him in different poses and angles.


Start by drawing a simple oval shape for the torso. Then, add two lines extending from the oval to form the shoulders. From the shoulders, draw two more lines to create the arms.


Draw the arms by starting with two curved lines extending from the shoulders. Add two smaller ovals for the elbows and connect them to the shoulders and wrists with more curved lines. Draw the hands by adding small circles for the palms and adding fingers.


To draw the legs, start by drawing two lines extending from the bottom of the torso. Add two ovals for the knees and connect them to the torso and ankles with more lines. Draw the feet by adding small circles for the soles and adding toes.


To draw Naruto’s clothing, start by adding a simple collar to the neck. Then, draw the jacket by adding two curved lines extending from the shoulders. Add two more curved lines for the sleeves and connect them to the wrists.

Draw the pants by adding two straight lines extending from the waist and adding two more lines for the legs. Finally, add a headband to the forehead by drawing a simple rectangle.

Poses and Angles

To draw Naruto in different poses and angles, simply adjust the positions of the body parts. For example, to draw Naruto facing sideways, rotate the torso and arms slightly. To draw Naruto jumping, bend the legs and arms and add a curved line for the tail.

Adding Details and Shading

How to Draw Anime Step by Step Naruto: Learn to Draw Naruto with Step-by-Step Anime Drawing Guide

Adding details and shading to your Naruto drawing will bring it to life and make it look more realistic. Here are some techniques you can use:

Drawing Details

  • -*Whiskers

    Naruto’s whiskers are one of his most distinctive features. To draw them, start by drawing two small circles on either side of his nose. Then, draw two lines from each circle, curving them slightly outwards.

  • -*Headband symbol

    Naruto’s headband symbol is a metal plate with the kanji for “fire” (火) on it. To draw it, start by drawing a small rectangle. Then, draw a circle inside the rectangle and add the kanji.

  • -*Clothing textures

    Naruto’s clothing is made of a variety of materials, including cloth, leather, and metal. To draw the different textures, use different pencil strokes. For example, use light, short strokes for cloth and dark, long strokes for leather.


  • *Shading creates depth and dimension in your drawing by making some areas darker than others. To shade, use a soft pencil and apply pressure to the areas you want to be darker.
  • *Highlighting is the opposite of shading. It makes some areas of your drawing lighter than others. To highlight, use a white pencil or eraser to lighten the areas you want to stand out.
  • *Shadowing is a technique used to create the illusion of depth by adding shadows to your drawing. To shadow, use a dark pencil to draw in the areas where shadows would naturally fall.

Creating a Background and Scene

How to Draw Anime Step by Step Naruto: Learn to Draw Naruto with Step-by-Step Anime Drawing Guide

Naruto’s character is energetic, determined, and adventurous. To complement this, design a background that reflects his personality. Choose a vibrant color palette with warm hues like orange, yellow, and red to create a sense of excitement and action. Consider adding elements such as swirling wind or leaping flames to convey Naruto’s dynamic nature.

Perspective and Composition

Use perspective to create depth and dimension in the background. Position Naruto in the foreground, facing the viewer. Angle the background lines to converge at a vanishing point on the horizon, giving the illusion of a vast and expansive setting.

Pay attention to the composition and ensure that the elements are arranged harmoniously to create a visually pleasing image.

Refining and Finalizing the Artwork

To complete your Naruto drawing, here’s a checklist of final touches to ensure its perfection:

Checklist of Final Touches, How to Draw Anime Step by Step Naruto: Learn to Draw Naruto with Step-by-Step Anime Drawing Guide

  • Smoothing Out Lines:Use an eraser to gently remove any rough edges or smudges from the lines.
  • Adding Highlights and Shadows:Use a light pencil to add subtle highlights and shadows to create depth and dimension.
  • Inking the Drawing:If desired, use a fine-tip pen or marker to trace over the pencil lines for a more permanent and defined look.
  • Adding Color:Experiment with colored pencils, markers, or digital tools to bring your drawing to life.
  • Evaluating Your Artwork:Step back and assess your drawing. Are the proportions correct? Is the shading effective? Make any necessary adjustments.

Presenting the Finished Drawing

Once you’re satisfied with your Naruto drawing, consider these options for presenting it:

  • Framing:Place your drawing in a frame to protect and display it as a piece of art.
  • Digital Display:Scan or photograph your drawing and display it digitally on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Sharing Online:Share your drawing with others on social media or online art communities.

Final Summary

As you complete your Naruto drawing, you’ll not only have a stunning work of art but also a newfound appreciation for the artistry and creativity that goes into anime illustration. This guide has empowered you with the skills to draw Naruto with confidence, opening up endless possibilities for your future anime endeavors.

Remember, practice is key in honing your artistic abilities. Keep sketching, experimenting with different angles and expressions, and most importantly, have fun with the process. The world of anime art is yours to explore and conquer, one step at a time.

Clarifying Questions

What level of drawing experience is required for this guide?

This guide is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. We provide clear and detailed instructions, making it accessible to all skill levels.

Can I use this guide to draw other anime characters?

While this guide specifically focuses on drawing Naruto, the techniques and principles you’ll learn can be applied to drawing other anime characters as well.

What materials do I need to get started?

You’ll need basic drawing materials such as pencils, an eraser, and paper. Additionally, colored pencils, markers, or paints can be used to add color to your drawing.